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Sinds 1979
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Is modelflying difficult ?
Of course all the begin is difficult, but modelflying is good to learn, and a bit depending on natural talent, it will take some weeks till some years to learn it properly. Flying with a model airplane is just like a real airplane, because rudders can move, the plane can be steered up and down, and to the left and right. The rudder is for moving to the left and the right. The elevator is for going up and down, when the elevator is going up, it pushes the tail of the plane down and thus the plane is going up. Later, when you are flying good, you learn to fly with ailerons. The ailerons are also for going to the left or right, but have to be used in combination with the elevator, and turns can be made even sharper. With the use of ailerons there are more possibility's to fly other figures, but because it is constantly in combination with rudder and elevator, it becomes more difficult, and only useful for the more advanced pilot.
We are always starting with a "beginnersmodel". These are not difficult to built airplanes from about 1,50 meter wingspan, and are mostly made of wood, so inevitable repairs can be made very easy. The ideal beginners plane is a plane with the wing on the top of the fuselage. Because the heavy part of the plane (the fuselage) is below the wing, these kind of planes have a great own stability. Don't let you be seduces by those nice scale planes. Of course those scale planes are beautiful to see, but are very often difficult to fly. Of course you can buy and built such a plane, but to prevent a disappointment don't go flying with it until you have some experience with flying, and of course starting and landing. Good trainer models are the Robbe Charter, the Taxi from graupner, but also models like the T-2000 and student are good.
The transmitter
With the joy-stick A and B we are going up or down, and we steer the elevator. The joy stick C and D is for going to the left and right and is steering the rudder. The throttle of the engine is be moved with E, F where F is full throttle and E for idle. The joy stick G and H are used with the next trainer plane, and will be use with a plane with ailerons. Don't think that it is all very simple, because up and down looks not very difficult but you are not in the plane. You are standing with both feet on the ground (I hope) and then it is very difficult to see at what height the plane is flying. Also going to the left or right is very difficult at the beginning. When the plane is flying from you, and you are steering to the left, the plane is going to the left to, and the same goes for the right, but when the plane is flying towards you and you are steering to the left the plane is going to the right (for your feeling). When you are in a real plane you don't have to worry about this, because you are always going in the same direction, in the direction of the nose of the plane, but with model flying you are looking one moment to the tail of the plane and the other moment to the engine of the plane. Al those contradictions makes flying with remote control difficult, and you really have to learn it.
Model flying is not so expensive as it might seem. Today there are models for beginners that sell for between 30 and 80 dollars, and will provide for many years of fun. Look at Tower hobbies, or take a look on our link site for other firms. The costs of transmitter, receiver and servos is a bit more expensive but there are complete and good sets for sale from 100 dollars. Usually you have to buy a transmitter just once, because it can be used with many new models.