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MTA Ter-Apel
Sinds 1979
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Our club
Our club was established in 1979 by Henk Germs, Jan van der Kaap and Roelof Drenth. Because the membership of the Emmer aviation club (ELC) had reached its limit, 20 years ago these members came to the idea to begin a club of there own. Because of their good work, our flying club in Ter-Apel, has now been in existence for more then 25 years. M.T.A. stands for Modelflyingclub Ter-Apel. It is a small sociable club with about 40 members. All our members do not come from Ter-Apel. Some come from surrounding places like Musselkanaal, Emmercompascuum, Sellingen, etc. Our airfield is located at the "achterbeetseweg" in Ter-Apelkanaal. We have our own club room, and we can fly the whole day during the week till 21.00 hours. On Saturdays we can fly between 9.00 and 19.00 hours and on Sundays between 12.00 and 19.00 hours. During the summer month's (May-September) we give flying lessons on every Tuesday. (unless the weather is very bad). On this evening there is always something to do, and there are always members present to ask questions and to get information.
Club costs 2018
The member ship is 50 euro a year (about 42 dollars a year)
Youth members (till 18 years) 25 euro a year (about 21 dollars a year)

The members have also the obligation to become a member of the K.N.V.v.L,
a Dutch aviation organization, witch provides at the same time member insurance.
Of course you can financially support our club. We are a small club and as often we work with a very small budget. We have to flip our dime twice before we can spend it. As a donor you receive also our news letter (see our newsletter site) and you have permission to be on our air field and in our club room.

When you will support our club, you must send us at least 15 euro or dollar (for sending newsletter) to account # NL69INGB0004130396 (or post) to Modelvliegclub Ter Apel with description "donation via internet"

Your finacial contribution will be very much appreciated.
If you still have questions, a nice story or picture's, please E-Mail us